La Boya Iquique

Historical tour by boat.

La Boya

Historical tour by boat to La Boya in the high tide Pacific ocean of Iquique. A historical tour that starts in the bay of Iquique from the port of Iquique, with a beautiful view of the north coastline of the city. As the ship heads to La Esmerald Boya we can see the boats and schooners with their masts, ships unloading goods on the harbor of Iquique.

On the way we see the north coast of Iquique, from the passenger dock, the Paseo Riquelme, El Paseo Lynch where the monument of Patrick Lynch overlooking were the Combate Naval Iquique was staged . Towards the north the glorious Chilean Naval Zone with Navy ships with missiles. Further north the Free Zone of Iquique (Zofri) with its Mall Zofri, Warehouses, Showrooms, cars and the industrial area. Following hill view of the coast, the railway line that helped transport the nitrate salt of the pampas to the port of Iquique.

Just before reaching La Boya, a view of the rocky cliff with a flaring Chilean Flag on it is the monument "Marinero Desconocido". Moving into the sector where the Sunk Esmeralda ship lies in the bed of the bay, the guide will tell you the story of the Combate Naval Iquique that happened on a Wednesday May 21, 1879 in the same place where the events unfolded. When the boat reaches the monument "La Boya" the boat stops and the national anthem is played.

On the way back a geoglific of a gorilla in the hills of Iquique and finally reaching back the tourist can see rookery of seals called "Lobos Marino" sunbathing and resting in their natural habitat.

Rookery of Seals

Seals called Lobos Marino in Iquique

Gorilla geoglifics

Geoglific Gorilla face seen on the tour to La Boya in Iquique

La Boya Iquique

Panoramic view of La Boya

Iquique Coastline

Coastline view of the Bay of Iquique.

Iquique Port

The famous harbour of Iquique Chile.

Fishing boats in Iquique Bay

Fishing boats in the bay of Iquique

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