Dancing An Art

The art of moving your body

Tango Dance

The art of moving your body to the music is called dancing.... One of the most popular arts similar to the soccer sport. 99% of the people in chile love to dance, from little toddler to adult.

The art is so popular in chile that most of the national television channels like "canal 13" & "TVN" relay dance shows & Games related to dancing in the evenings ... Its become a culture between the young and little to stand in front of the tv and follow the dance Steps being shown on TV.

Since dancing is so popular there are a lot of different kinds of dancers, dance academy, dancing institutes & Groups, which perform & teach Dance. A verity of dances are being taught like Tap Dance, Salsa, Tango, Ballet, Arabic Dance, Fusion dance, Folk dance, Cueca the national dance which is mostly danced in the month of September for the Fiesta Patria (independence day) of chile.

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