Doctor Sara Pavan in Iquique

the most nurishing experiences

It was a great pleasure to have Dr. Sara Pavan in Iquique.

Dr. Sara Pavan

Being under the light of his guidence and wisdom has been one of the most nurishing experiences. This morning while having breakfast with us he gave 2 great metaphors which left a great impact on my mind.

First he said that we as humans have come here to be the flute of Lord Krishna. We were inquistive to know what he ment by this... So he explained that just like the bamboo stick is emptied till there is nothing inside it then, with the help of hot iron rods holes are made into the bamboo in the right places and only then someone can play music threw this piece of bamboo stick called the flute. So he went on to explain, we too have to empty our minds (still the mind) and then the Lord will burn the holes of Ego in us and we will become his divine instrument threw which divine song will play.

The second was on attachment... he asked have you seen water flowing threw a pipe, ever notices how the droplets near the walls remain attached to it and the droplets in the middle flow fast without difficulty and drag the other droplets stuck to the wall. So too we should be the droplets unattached to any thing and we will become the momentum for others too.

The energy, he has even at 74yrs is one to admire. Ofcourse there were many other moments of Awe with his divine words. The pearls kept falling and we were just trying to collect them.

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Dr. Sara Pavan
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