GPS Monitoring and tracking

services GPS in Iquique

GPS Tracking iquique

Take total control over the movements of your vehicle. GPS tracking services for individuals or Companies.
Using Beacon Alert System, they are a distributor and suppliers of GPS tracking System, for real time GPS monitoring 24x7, They have services of reaction, fuel cut, Geo Fence, panic button, speed warning, Detention reports, covering the entire planet.

Individuals plans as well as for fleet management Plans, Plans starting from 1 UF + IVA. Free GPS installation, 24x7 monitoring, Fast Alert service, online fuel cutting services, alerts on breach of Determind boundries by the owner, Speed Limits for the vehicle, Panic Button provided. The services they give are upto date and in real-time.

Its the best insurance for your Vehicles in iquique Chile. Monitoring your Fleet online from home couldn't be easier.

Advantages of GPS

1. SOS Button.

2. Alerts in case of Robbery.

3. Monitors your Vehicle Fleet.

4. Protects your vehicle from excessive Velocity if needed.

5. Breach of Geo Boundry alerts.

6. SBEV and PDI Coordination.

7. Team of experts monitoring 24x7

8. Hidden Free GPS installation.

9. World wide GPS Tracking service.

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