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Import Export Shiva Chile Zofri

Importadora Shiva Chile zofri

Import Export Shiva Chile is a importer of oven, meat grinder, meat cutters, water dispensor, luggage, household and travel items in Zofri Iquique Chile.

Shiva Chile an importer and distributor specializing in As seen on TV, suitcase, party items, water dispenser, gift items, household items, cookware, thermos, kitchenware and Novelty items.

Over 20 years of experience in the Free Zone of Iquique. Wholesalers of Party items, disco lights, digital scales, water dispenser for hot and cold water, meat grinders, meat cutter, water pumps, Digital pizza makers, water bottles and more.

We invite our customers to check our on-line catalog which includes many items for sale.

Importers and Exporters in Zofri Iquique.

For further information please call IMPORT EXPORT SHIVA CHILE or send us a email.

Products in Shiva Chile Zofri.

Meat Slicer

Meat Slicer for sale in Zofri Iquique.

meat Grinder

Meat grinder for sale in Zofri Iquique.

Water Dispenser

Water dispenser for hot and cold water with fridge.

Water Dispenser

Water dispenser for hot and cold water.

Electric oven

Electric Oven.

FlavorWave Oven

FlavorWave oven as seen on TV.


Electric thermos flask.

pizza pan

Electric pan Pizza maker.

Disco Ball

Party items Disco Ball, disco lights

Digital scale

Digital weighing Scale upto 30 kgs

Water Pump

Water Pump for sale in Zofri Iquique.


Set of Travel Bags.

travel bags

Luggage for travelling.


Travelling Bags.


Phone: (56-57) 2423436

Phone: (56-57) 2422635


Tourist Attractions

The Zofri
Zofri iquique

Zofri is the Free Zone and Business center of Iquique Chile.

Tour la Boya
La Boya iquique

Boat ride to the famous monument of "Comate Naval Iquique"

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