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The city of Iquique is located in the first region of Chile know as the Tarapaca Region. Iquique is also the capital of the Tarapaca Region in Chile. Zofri or the Zona Franca makes this city the pillar of chilean economy. This city is also called the Miami of chile because of its clean, clear and warm water beaches with beautiful palm trees along the coast.

Iquique is home to a lot of foreigners who make a living from Zofri.

Iquique is also popular to Paragliders and Surfers who consider this city to be a great place for the these sports.

Iquique got its name from the Aymara word "Iki" which means "sleep on the way", lot of people say that its ture, of the feeling of tranquility one feels in this amazing city.

La Boya


The Boat Ride to a Historcal monument La Boya in the bay of the Pacific ocean, is one of the most amazing boat rides with historical tour of the "Combate Naval Iquique" the naval confrontation in the "Guerra del Pacifico".

21 st of May is the day the country pays homage to the martyrs of La Esmeralda. The President of the nation usually flies to this monument to pay his respect to the soldiers. The Sunken Ship called "la Esmeralda" lies below La Boya monument.

Seal Rookery and other aquatic animals may be seen in their natural environment. During the boat ride you will see the spectaular Port of Iquique were cargo ships dock everyday.

Cavancha Beach

Cavancha Beach

Iquique being a costal city has a long coastline with attractive and clean beaches... The beaches of iquique are the most popular attraction among the local chilaens they see it as the Miami of Chile. The warmer waters makes Iquique beaches bright summer blue and relaxing.

Cavancha beach is full with tourists in the summer months.


Paragliding Iquique

Paragliding or Parapente as its called, is another attraction , Iquique has been voted the best place in South America for its calm winds and clear blue sky. The Paragliders jump from the twin city called Alto Hospicio and glide to land in the beaches of Iquique. Paragliding tour services are available in Iquique.

Theatro Municipal (Opera House)

Theatro Muncipal

The Municipal Theater was built in 1889 and formally inaugurated on 1 January 1890 during the time of saltpeter era, almost entirely built with oak wood brought from the United States. Great artists spent a lot of time and have performed on this stage, to name a few: Sarah Bernhardt, Antonio Vico, Della Guardia, the Fregoli etc. The decor of the Stage with the skyline, the framework catches the attention of visitors for its rich and delicate work. The Chamber of the Municipal Theatre is located at the south side of the Plaza Prat and it is there where there have been cultural events and art projects while servicing.

Mall Zofri Iquique

Mall Zofri

The ideal place for shopping, a variety of things are available like Consumer Electronics, Clothes, Sundries, Perfumes, House hold Goods and they carry brand names like Sony, Apple, Microsoft, Compac, Philips, AOC, Samsung, Acer, Tommy Hilfiger, Boss, ..etc. Electronics and Perfumes is the Power of Attraction for it customer value Goods.

Just Behind the Mall is the Grand Zona Franca of Iquique, Merchandise worth Millions of Dollars is imported and exported to the neigbouring countries here. Zofri is the pillar of Chilean Economy.

Plaza Prat

Plaza Prat

The 125 years old Clock Tower is a Tribute to the brave Marine Captain "Arturo Prat Chacon", who gave his life in the line of duty.

Arturo Prat the captain of the Esmeralda ship is know for showing his bravery in the Combate naval Iquique.

The Casino

Dream Casino Iquique

Try your Luck at the "Dream Casino Iquique" - located on the Cavancha Beach and has Tables for Poker, Blackjack and Roulette. The Casino has a lots of slot machines old ones and some new electronic ones also. The Casino had a redo last summer so its sparkling new and also has a restaurant and a bar with live music everyday. Dream Casino is open 24x7.



An Oasis in the Atacama desert ,Pica is a small town famous for its fresh fruits like Mangoes, Guavas, Oranges and Lime.

"La Cocha" is a natural cave of volcanic rock with a hot water spring which is know for its healing waters in Pica. The thermal water pool is a popular picnic spot near Iquique. Resort Santa Rosa is Luxury Resort located in this Oasis of Pica with cottages and rooms for rent.


Atacama Desert

The Saltpeters works of the North of Chile were very popular for its ammonia. Humberstone was one such town famous for its saltpeter refinery. It a nitrate town ruiens. This abandond town is situated in Pampa Desert the driest deserts on planet earth. UNESCO has put this nitrate town in the list of "World Heritage in Danger". Here you can see the living conditions and working conditions of the people at that time.

La Tirana

Church La Tirana

The Church in the village of Tirana is famous for the "La Virgen de la Tirana", On 16th of July every year this little town with a population of 560 is flooded with about 200,000 people who pay their respects to the Virgen. People camp around the town, there are Folk dances on the streets everyday and the celebrations lasts for few weeks.

Replica of the Esmeralda Ship

replica esmeralda

Museo Corbeta Esmeralda is the historic monument and replica of the Esmeralda Ship Captained by the martyr Arturo Prat Chacon. It was inaugarated on the 20th of May 2010 in memory of of the glorious Combate Naval Iquique for the Bicentenario celebrations of Chile. The ship is a museum that carries artifacts, historical records of the combat between the Peruvian ship Huascar and Chilean Ship Esmeralda. This Museum is open to the public.

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