Santiago City

Where is Santiago?

Santiago chile

Santiago is the Capital of country situated in South America called Chile. Chile is a very long country, on its east are the Andes mountain range and on the west is the Pacific Ocean. Santiago is also the capital of the metropoliton region.

Santiago de Chile has a Population of about 5.5 million. Its one of the biggest cities in Chile. Situated in a valley Santiago is amazingly secnic.

Like any other Capital City it has Universities, Colleges, Malls, Hotels, Nightlife, Tourism.

The Weather in Santiago is Cold during July and August months and its Summer in December and January. Chile is a Southern Hemisphere Country so the weather is switched, When its winter in other countries like America, Asia and Europe its Summer in Chile.


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A Santiago Visit

San Cristobal Santiago

Cottages in Santiago

Places to Visit in Santiago chile. Please do not miss these places on a Santiago Visit.

San Cristobal

San Cristobal

Where is San Cristobal?

Cerro San Cristobal is a Hill Top in Santiago Chile. It has a magnificant Virgin Mary Statue on it.

Places to visit in Santiago Chile

La Moneda is the Presidential Palace in Santiago De Chile. It is situated in the center of Santiago City.

La Moneda

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