Human Resources in Iquique

Contractors & Construction Company

Construction Companies

Constructor JBC - Costructors of Warehouses in zofri, extensions, loft, slabs, homes.

Constructor COFAL - Constructors of concrete structures, industrial coatings,construction of houses,metal structures.

Constructor del Sur - Building construction, schools, cultural centers and homes.

Constructor Tarapacá - Construction of buildings, schools, halls, condominiums, hotels, shopping malls, event centers, medical centers

Constructors HFS - engineering and architectural services.

landscaping in Iquique

Agronorte - Landscaping gardens, Creators of greenery ... Designers of beautiful gardens.

HidroPlant - Garden Landscaping, Landscape Designing... Decorates of exteriors and interiors.

Architect in Chile

Professional Services

Elizalde Tronaduras - Explosives Workers, Ordnance Handling Experts, and Blasters.

Hormigones Ingenor - Ready-mixed concrete plant.

Real Estate

Real Estate agents in Chile

Dancers and dance Classes

Zuhur Al Sahara - Shows and Training of Arabic belly dancing.

Bellynesian- Teaching 3 differnt kinds of dances Polinesian, Arabic and Rapa Nui dance of Isla De Pascua.

Wayna Wara Taditional Latinamerican Folk dance group from Colegio Hispano Italiano of Iquique

Adriana Arabi Dance Arabic belly dancing classes.

Beauty Salon, Spa and Sauna

Spa Mechita's - Spa, beauty salon and hair salon.

Massager - Massaging chairs for express massages and extreme relaxation.

Sauna Rosana - Massage, sauna, beauty parlour, Spa and massages for relaxation / destress.

Miscellaneous Service Providers

Digital Posteres Publicity and Advertisment with Digital Posters

Event Organizer - Party Planners, Wedding planners, X'mas Parties, organize parties, office Dinners, Birthday Party planner....

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