If you are traveling to chile and would like to be in contact with your friends and family with a Chilean local mobile number. Then this Travel guide can be of use to you. Making cheap national and International calls is possiblility in Chile. Get cheap sim cards in chile. For your travel needs get travel sim card.

Chile basically has 3 Cellular Mobile services or GSM Companies.

Entel pcs, Movistar & ClaroChile.

Any of these companies sell a simcard for 5000 pesos (about US $10) with a recharge of 3000 pesos. No need of identification or activation charges and each call costs 100- 65 pesos a minute. The sim card are sold at the stall of the Mobile Phone company or a Recharge & Service center.

If you would like to get a handset, cellular or mobile phone with the cheap sim card it is available in the shopping malls. The sim card is a prepaid mobile phones. The cheapest could cost you around 10,000 pesos with a talk time worth 10,000 pesos no identification needed, no activation charges , takes 24 hr to start making calls receiving is instant and Free.

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