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Best apps that work both on Android and iPhone. Following are some of the apps I like and can't work without them , plus they keep me in touch with my family and friends.


Is a free social networking app which can make free international calls. Viber makes a call from one viber to the other even when the reciever of the call is not logged in to the app. It rings like a normal phone call. Works with 3g , Wi-Fi connection. Viber is a free app.


Is very similar to BB messenger. Sending messages is easy and gives you a notification when the reader reads the message.Whatsapp Works with 3g , Wi-Fi connection. Added features - Sharing Pictures , contacts, files, location, status. This app costs US$ 0.99 on appstore and for android its Free.


PingChat! is now called Touch and it is another social networking app that is similar to Blackberry messenger. You can register touch with your email, mobile number is not needed unlike viber and Whatsapp. Works with 3g , Wi-Fi connection. Touch is a free app on both android market and appstore.


Is an app for socializing with your family and friends. Sharing status, pictures , videos, comments, likes, pages, groups, games, horescopes and lots more. This app is free on both appstore and android market.


Is the next great app it has Audio Video chat, messaging and making international calls for a low price. This app is free on both appstore and android market. But to make the international calls credit is needed.

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