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iPhone free international calling - Call your friends who have iPhones iPad Android for free using this amazing app which is not only free but also the calls are free.

Viber is a app which will place a free call to a friend, family & associate even if they are not on the application, Not like Skype, Fring, eBuddy and all the others which you go out of the app and you don't recieve any signal. The phone rings like a call... you then answer it and the best is you don't pay a single penny nor does the reciever pay for the call... Works with wifi and 3G.

How to make free international calls with viber on iPad 2 and iPod touch?

If you have a iPad or a iPod Touch it works on those too. The trick is registering viber with your landline number or mobile number... in case of mobile phone You will recieve the activation code in a sms on your mobile phone and in case you tried to resgister viber with landline number you won't recieve the code but you can go ahead and press the "nocode" on the top right hand corner and you will recieve a phone call giving you an activation code. Once you put the activation key you are good to go with other Apple Devices too. Making free calls is very easy with Viber.

The coolest app on AppStore. Price: free

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