4 Radio Apps for Iphone.

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Radios for Iphone

The pleasure of hearing a Radio Station of your choice far away from homeland is not a dream anymore... I remember.... how I used to miss my local channels of radio when I first came to Iquique Chile. I never imagined of having my local music stations, but then came the satellite radio which was a great thing but still my countries footprints didn't really reach where I am... Now I can listen to Thousands of streaming Radio Stations from all over the world using my Iphone as a Wi-Fi Radio. Most of them give option to add my favourite channels, searching the Stations by name or categories. Some of them even have options to send the link to my friends.

HiDef Radio

Is a free as well as paid application with great value as it supports 3g, Wi-Fi connection and has a background playing feature. I love this as it means I can hear the radio stations even when I am in my car or in a place where there is no Wi-Fi access.

Drool Radio

Brings back memories of the Alarm Clock Radio... yes it has an alarm clock which starts playing the radio station when the alarm goes off. Waking up to your favourite music has been a tradition of the 70's. Listening to SHOUTcast channels is another pleasure on the Drool radio.


Being a free application is a great way to listen to internet and local radio stations, like FM and AM Radio stations....which I think should have been a feature in the iphone already. The social network included with it is a plus plus to the Application. Blackberry users are in luck for their music appetite with this one .

Wunder Radio

Is wonderful like its name works with Blackberry and Windows Mobile OS and connects with 3G or Wi-Fi and sleep feature. It has even recorded programs which we can listen on demand. Like BBC and CNN channels ... so if you missed a show you can go and listen to it.

Radio for Iphone supports MP3 and AAC stream formats and PLS, M3U and XSPF playlists and includes the free SHOUTcast Radio Directory.

Real Fun for us music lovers...

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