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Flash videos on iphone Flash videos on iphone

Tierd of switching between applications on your mobile device... not being able to see the flash running webpages, videos and sharing stuff instantly.

Skyfire solved this big issue with the mobile web surfing... its the application of the year.. it instantly caught the eye of most of the users and was downloaded till the server crashed.

Skyfire can play millions of flash videos instead of the question mark we would usually see.

Private Browsing on mobile phones is something I really appreciate in SkyFire.

Loads pages faster than other mobile browsers. Facebook and Twitter Sharing options. All in all they have tried to make a Browser which can give us more than we get on our mobile phones. Skyfire works on Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Windows Mobile, Rocket and Nokia Symbian.

They are calling it the Flash Browser of the year.

Flash videos on iphone Flash videos on iphone

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