International Duty free

Trading Zone of Iquique Chile.

Zofri Iquique

Millions of Dollars worth of trade takes place everyday in Zofri. Not only does Minning, But Duty Free International trading and duty free national shopping in Zofri strongly affect the economy of Chile.

The port of Iquique recieves products from all over the world , China is one of the major supplier of consumer Products like Electronics, Toys, Sundries, Perfumes, Jewelry, Mining Machines, Food Stuff ,Paper etc ...used Cars, used clothes, consumer electronics and Mining machinery are imported from USA.Used cars&Used Clothesshopping is a booming business in Iquique. Traders import Decoration, Jewellry and Furniture from Indonesia, Thailand,Philippines & India. Blankets, towels and Footballs are imported from Pakistan. Countries like Vietnam, Korea, Bangladesh are emerging fast in exporting to Zofri.

Zofri is divided into 2 sectors the Wholesale area known as Zofri or the Galpon area and the Retail area known as Mall Zofri. Zofri exports its imported Goods to the neighbouring countries like Bolivia, Peru, Argentina, Equador.

Shopping for Used Cars, used engines, auto parts are some of the exclusive imports of Zofri.

All in all the combination of Zofri and Mall Zofri makes shopping in Iquique a pleasure for everyone.

Shopping in Zofri

Car Dealers

Autos Kevin
Auto Kevin

Importer of Car in the Free Zone of Iquique.

G&S Ltda
Car Importer in Zofri Iquique

Importer of Car and Spare parts in the Zofri Iquique.

Hal Hamd

Used Car Dealer in zofri Iquique


Ramsons Import
Importadora Ramsons Ltda

Importer and suppliers of Cloth Textile Fabric cotton Lycra Brocade decorations in Mall Zofri Iquique.

Bhakti Ltda
Importadora Bhakti

Shimmer Shine
Shimmer Shine Ltda

Import Export of jewelry, Perfumes, fragrance, Pashmina scarves, shawls, sarong indonesia.

Importer Fatima
Importadora Fatima


Car Sale in zofri

Neo Autos


Car Dealer in Zofri

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