Mall Zofri IVA free Shopping

Business center of Chile


Buy Latest imported products in Mall Zofri exempted of the 19% sales tax (IVA).

The Iquique free trade zone, so called Mall Zofri Iquique is the business center of Chile for international as well as local Tourists and Businessmen. The merchendise imported into Chile threw 'Puerto Iquique' (Iquique Port) has almost no import tax and no IVA taxes on it. There are a lot of Importers and Exporters in Zofri , bringing products for national and international use. Most of the imported products are export to the neighboring countries like Bolivia, Peru, Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil, Venezuela and many more.

The port of Iquique recieves goods from all over the world, Chinese exporters are one of the major supplier of Electronics, Toys, Sundries, Perfumes, Jewelry, Mining Machines, Food Stuff ,Paper. US Exporters supply Cars and Mining machines. Used cars importers is a booming business in Zofri Iquique. Importadoras in Zofri also import from Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, India, Pakistan, Spain and various other countries.

Zofri is divided into 2 sectors the Wholesale area known as Zofri (free trade zone) or the Galpon area and the Retail area known as Mall Zofri. Mall Zofri has duty free shop for retail and semi wholesale goods. Chileans like to buy in Mall Zofri since they are exemted of the 19% sales Tax this makes shopping here a Hot Deal on great products. Mall Zofri is famous for selling the latest Gadgets.

Mall Zofri is very know for bringing new technologies to the Country. The first shop to bring iPad 2 to chile was Reifschneider back in may 2011.

All in all the combination of Zofri and Mall Zofri makes shopping in Iquique a pleasure for all.

Shopping in Zofri

Cars Zofri

Auto Kevin

Auto Kevin

Importer of Car in the Free Zone of Iquique.

Shimmer Shine

Shimmer Shine Ltda

Import Export of jewelry, Perfumes, fragrance, Pashmina scarves, shawls, sarong indonesia in Iquique Chile.

Shopping Zofri

Importer Fatima
Importadora Fatima

Bhakti Ltda
Importadora Bhakti

Ramsons Import
Importadora Ramsons Ltda

Importer and suppliers of Cloth Textile Fabric cotton Lycra Brocade decorations in Mall Zofri Iquique.

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